Semiflex panzer (C2TE)

Semiflex panzer (C2TE)

Cementitious semiflexible tile adhesive

What is this product?


White semiflexible mortar-glue with a great impermeability and flexibility, suitable for tile fixing in swimming pools.

Also used for walls in wet areas.

Ceramics: Medium-low absortion.

To be used on concrete and cement walls and floors.




Slip resistant.


Thin coat application.

Frost resistant and high humidity resistance.

How to prepare?


1- Pour the water first and then, the mortar-glue.

2- Mix in bowls in an approximated proportion of 6-6,5 litres each 25 kgs.

3- It's very important to not add more water than recommended, physical and chemical conditions would be then, reduced.

4- Mix by hand or with a mixer machine (better slow, 500 rpm) until getting a creamy paste.

5- Let it repose during 5 minutes before applicate, for the additives to act correctly and then, mix again before use.

6- Never add water after the paste settles.

How to use?


Substrate must be clean and dry.

In case of concrete, make sure of its retraction and that it has no curer or sealer products (in such a case, give a PRIMER coat before).

Extend the product with the straigh part of the trowel to ensure a full contact.

Apply the dented trowel (no. 5-7) in 1,5-2 m2 squares.

Check that no film is formed on the surface of the adhesive (in such a case, pass the trowel with some fresh product).

Over floors in a bad state, we recommend to use PANZER FLEX.

After 24 hours, cover the joints with TAPAZUL and impermeabilize with ADESILATEX.

To clean swimming pool tiles and reinforce joints, use TAPAZUL.

Where to use?


Ceramic material placing for exteriors, on swimming pools.

Using substrates: Concrete, cement, cement-lime mortar and cement floors.

Substrates must be solid, hard, clean and dry, without cracks or deformations.

Do not use: On metal, fiber-cement, wood (non flexible), tiles and old tiles.

In these cases, mix the product with ADESILATEX.

Technical data: Semiflex panzer (C2TE)




Coat thickness in swimming pools

Coat thickness in walls and floors

Output in walls

Mix water

Initial adherence according to UNE EN 1348

Adherence after water immersion according to UNE EN 1348

Adherence after frost cycle according to UNE 1348

Fire reaction

Slip in vertical wall UNE EN 1308

Temperature during application

Paste density

Stockage (from manufacturation date, under cover, in a dry place)



White powder

25 kgs bag

from 2 to 6 mm

from 3,5 to 4 kgs/m2

from 6 to 9 kgs/m2

6-6,5 litres each 25 kgs

1,4 N/mm2

1,1 N/mm2

1,2 N/mm2


< 0,5 mm

min 5ºC

1,5 gr/cm3

12 months



White cement.

Siliceous soils.

Redipensable additives and resins.



Product components are not toxic.

It must be worked with gloves, avoid powder inhalation and contact with eyes and skin.

Keep away from children or animals.

First Aid


Skin: Wash with plenty of water

Eyes: Wash with plenty of water

Ingestion: Rinse with water and drink plenty of water

This technical data is written according to our knowledge and essays and doesn't assume any commitment. It's on customer's responsibility the admission and control in the distributor's warehouse or construction, as well as the election of the product to be used on each case. Manufacturer's responsibility is limited to manufacturation defects and for the value of the merchandise because it's out of his control the material election and the working conditions. Technical data for 2009.