Papresa walls - grasp paste "T"

Papresa walls - grasp paste "T"

Professional glue for wall building

What is this product?


Is a gypsum-glue adhesive, for laying and bonding:








Excellent workability.

High performance.

Specially indicated for wall building.

Minimum joint retraction.

Great resistance to flexion and compression.

Monocomponent * Without slipping.

How to prepare?


1- Pour the water in a bowl and then the product in an approximated proportion of 17 litres each 25 kgs.

2- Mix by hand or with a mixer machine (better slow, 500 rpm) until getting a creamy paste.

3- Let it settle 5 minutes for the additives to act correctly.


Notes: A shaking excess might cause a faster forging.

Never use more water than recommended or add water after the paste settles.

How to use?




Place a expanded polystyrene strip glued in both faces over the framework.

Settle the first queue of pieces over the EPS with the male side up.

Once fixed the first queue, apply adhesive on the male and glue the laterals.

Place the panels, settling them with a rubber mallet.

The union of the roof is made with a mix of Papresa TABIQUE and gypsum.

Clean the joints after half hour.




Present the gypsum boards over the brick wall.

Prepair the Papresa TABIQUE and the boards, cutting outlets, etc...

With a 10-15 dented trowel, apply the Papresa TABIQUE over the wall.

Stick the boards over the wall, pressing to compact it.

Clean the paste rests.

Apply and fill the joints with tape and PASTA DE JUNTAS Papresa.

Where to use?


Large format bricks, gypsum boards, gypsum covered bricks, gypsum-plaster walls, for interiors and plaster shelves.

Do not use: Outdoors

Technical data: Papresa walls - grasp paste "T"




Output with big format bricks

Output with gypsum board

Mix water

Open time

Forging time

Waiting time to plaster

Temperature during application

Thermical resistance

Product oldage

Paste density

Compression resistance according to UNE 102031:1999

Fire Reaction

Adherence according to rule UNE EN 12860

Stockage (from manufacturation date, under cover, in a dry place)



White powder

25 kg, 5 kg

3-4 kgs/m2

3 kgs/m2

17 litres each 25 kg

1 hours

2 hours

4-6 hours

min 5ºC, max 32ºC

de -5ºC a 80ºC

not in 50 years

1,2 gr/cm3

7 N/mm2



12 months



Plaster with over 95% calcium sulphate purity.

Organic and unorganic additives.

Plastifiers and impermeabilizers.



Product components are not toxic.

It must be worked with gloves, avoid powder inhalation and contact with eyes and skin.

Keep away from children or animals.

First Aid


Skin: Wash with plenty of water.

Eyes: Wash with plenty of water.

Ingestion: Rinse with water and drink plenty of water.

This technical data is written according to our knowledge and essays and doesn't assume any commitment. It's on customer's responsibility the admission and control in the distributor's warehouse or construction, as well as the election of the product to be used on each case. Manufacturer's responsibility is limited to manufacturation defects and for the value of the merchandise because it's out of his control the material election and the working conditions. Technical data for 2009.