Waterproofing fugacem

Ultrafast shutter impermeable glue

What is this product?


Ultrafast shutter impermeable glue to cover water leaks, pores in 20 seconds.

Impermeabilizer for interiors and exteriors, concrete supports, cement walls and floors, cement-lime mortars, fiber-cement, getting a type A impermeability during 10 days.



Monocomponent grey powder.

Ultrafast (Forges in 20 seconds).


How to prepare?


It is adviced to prepare little quantities of paste, 3 of cement per 1 of water, mix energetically and apply immediatly.

Never add water to forged product to continue using it.

Never add any product that is not indicated in this technical data.

How to use?


There can be water coming out from the support.

Mix must be done handly, protected with a plastic glove and the product will be applicated with a strong pression with the hand when it starts getting hot and hard.

It is recommended to mix the quantity of product that can be used in one minute. If there is no impermeabilization, give a second coat after 2 minutes.

Where to use?


In the most common examples of water Ieaks: Cement pipes, cement water deposits, pits, terraces and aII kind of cement and concrete supports that want to be impermeabilized.


Using substrates: Cement, cement-Iime mortars, cement floors, concrete, fiber-cement, brick and rock.


Do not use: On wood or gypsum.

Technical data: Waterproofing fugacem




Coat thickness

Open time

Hardening time

Forging time

Temperature during application

Stockage (from manufacturing date, under cover, in a dry place)



Grey Powder

5 kg can

From 5 to 10 mm

1 minute

20 seconds

20 minutes

min 5°C, max 32°C

12 months



Collagenic additives mainly.


Grey cement k.

Forging accelerators.



Product components are not toxic.

It must be worked with gloves, avoid powder inhalation and contact with eyes and skin.

Keep away from children or animals.

First Aid


Skin: Wash with plenty of water.

Eyes: Wash with plenty of water.

Ingestion: Rinse with water and drink plenty of water.

This technical data is written according to our knowledge and essays and doesn't assume any commitment. It's on customer's responsibility the admission and control in the distributor's warehouse or construction, as well as the election of the product to be used on each case. Manufacturer's responsibility is limited to manufacturation defects and for the value of the merchandise because it's out of his control the material election and the working conditions. Technical data for 2009.