Acidic cement residues or efflorescences cleaner

What is this product?


It's an acid based liquid used to elliminate the cement or cement-based products rests from ceramic surfaces.

It's used as well to elliminate saline and limeous eflourescences that might arise from the ceramic rejointment.

Don't use over marble.




Water-based acidic solution with toxic effects limiters.


How to use?


1- Shake the product before use.

2- Extend the product in a homogeneous form over the surface to be cleaned.

3- Let the product work during 3-4 minutes.

4- Clean the surface with a hard brush or a domestic broom.

5- Eliminate the product with plenty of water.

Where to use?


This product is used to eliminate the cement or cement-based products residues from ceramic surfaces.

It's used to eliminate saline or limeous eflourescences that might appear over the cement-based rejointment surface, or over a mud, specially with traditional placing.

Do not use over marble.

Technical data: Limpiacem




Rendimiento (en función de la absorción del fondo)

Use time

Temperature durin application

Stockage (from manufacturing date, under cover, in a dry place)



Uncoloured liquid

5 litres carafes

+/- 100 - 200 cc/m2

5-10 minutes

min 5ºC - max 32ºC

12 months



Water-based acidic solution.



Product components are not toxic.

It must be worked with gloves, avoid powder inhalation and contact with eyes and skin.

Keep away from children or animals.

First Aid


Skin: Wash with plenty of water.

Eyes: Wash with plenty of water.

Ingestion: Rinse with water and drink plenty of water.

This technical data is written according to our knowledge and essays and doesn't assume any commitment. It's on customer's responsibility the admission and control in the distributor's warehouse or construction, as well as the election of the product to be used on each case. Manufacturer's responsibility is limited to manufacturation defects and for the value of the merchandise because it's out of his control the material election and the working conditions. Technical data for 2009.