Controlled forge gypsum BL/15/2

Controlled forge gypsum BL/15/2

Retarded gypsum BL/15/2

What is this product?


It's a thick contruction gypsum for handy application and slow forging, for interior wall covering works.


Most usual uses:


Filling of wall-roof meetings.

Filling of doors and windows pre-frames.

Wireway covering.

Electric box fixing.

Indoor walls.



Easy application by hand.


Minimum retraction after forging.


How to prepare?


1- Sprinkle the gypsum over the water.

2- Mix with a mixer machine until getting a creamy paste.

3- Let it settle during some minutes.

4- Apply handly with a trowel or a spatula.

Technical data: Controlled forge gypsum BL/15/2




Water / gypsum relation

Forging start

Combined water

Purity index

Grind thinness (sieve 0,2 mm)

Flexotraction resistance


Fire Reaction

Stockage (from manufacturation date, under cover, in a dry place)



White Powder
20 kgs bag
16-18 minutes
4,5 - 6 %
75 - 80 %
< 25%
2,3 N/m2
12 months







Product components are not toxic.

It must be worked with gloves, avoid powder inhalation and contact with eyes and skin.

Keep away from children or animals.

First Aid


Skin: Wash with plenty of water.

Eyes: Wash with plenty of water.

Ingestion: Rinse with water and drink plenty of water.

This technical data is written according to our knowledge and essays and doesn't assume any commitment. It's on customer's responsibility the admission and control in the distributor's warehouse or construction, as well as the election of the product to be used on each case. Manufacturer's responsibility is limited to manufacturation defects and for the value of the merchandise because it's out of his control the material election and the working conditions. Technical data for 2009.